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Keystones Denby Pottery discontinued ranges visit our shop online
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Keystones Denby Pottery discontinued ranges visit our shop online
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In the 1970's and 1980's, Denby pottery produced a fine Stone and Steel collection - this was ceramic-handled cutlery which complemented Denby tableware ranges of the period.
There were two main styles:

TOUCHSTONE which has appealing simplicity of line and REGENCY which is elegant and stylish in looks.

BAROQUE pure white ceramic handle and reflective stainless steel blades to match porcelain or fine china

Each range was produced in a variety of colour combinations which were designed to match up with different tableware designs e.g. Garnet - Arabesque, Tiger's Eye - Romany and several of the Regency styles had the same name as the tableware e.g. Castile.

In each range were:- dinner knife (4035), dessert knife (4030), dinner fork (4025), dessert fork (4040), soup spoon/fruit spoon (4050 - both have the same-sized bowl but the soup spoon handle is longer), tea spoon (4000), salad server - fork (4125), salad server/serving spoon (4120).

We do keep limited supplies of both Denby Touchstone and Regency cutlery in several different ranges, but do offer a free, no-obligation search service for any items requested not held in stock.


Touchstone Cutlery by Denby

Touchstone cutlery Denby Pottery

Regency Cutlery by Denby Regency Cutlery Denby pottery

Baroque cutlery by Denby

Baroque cutlery Denby Pottery


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